Blueland Properties® LLC is a Family Owned and Operated Company. Created in August 2010 We’re proud to be, in the industry, one of the, fastest growing Real Investor Business in the Washington DC Region, with   several  closed transactions on record. We’re a local Private Real Estate Investors that can pay Cash for your Home. Some of our acquisitions are renovated and sold to Owner occupied Buyers at retail price. Others are sold, immediately after closing, to our “Prestige” Investors Partners at a bargain Price. We keep some few acquisitions for our self to build our portfolio. Please note, we can only help those who are highly motivated. Our main focus is on Home Owner with Express needs. Home owners looking for a quick cash solution. We provide a one-stop service from offer to purchase to the settlement table, where you get your money. We buy homes for sale directly from you. There is no Realtor® involved, no hassle with buyer negotiations .We buy your Home as is, regardless the condition. Call us for a free consultation.301-328-9079