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Most Questions People Asked Us

We buy and sell houses, Fast


Most Questions People Asked Us

Question # 1: What are the advantages of quick sale?   Answer # 1:   With our quick sale approach, we save you time and money. Think about it. It takes as much as 180 days to get a home sold in a traditional sale. But to do that , your home need to be in a very good condition. This mean you have to fix up your house for the market. It cost money! Further more, you will have to list the property with a Broker and pay him a minimum of 5% of the sale’s price. But if you choose to sell to us, you don’t have to do any repair on your home and you don’t have to worry about paying commission to anyone.   Question # 2: Are there any hidden fees? Answer # 2:No there are no hidden fees. What we tell you is what you will get.   Question # 3:Who does bluelandproperties,LLC purchase from ? Answer #3: We buy properties from almost anyone .See our Home Seller page for more detail.   Question # 4 :How does the process work? Answer # 4:We keep our buying approach very simple. Please  click here for details   Question #5 :Do you pay market value? Answer # 5 :We buy properties at a discount price to resale at the fair market value. That why we only buy to motivated Seller.   Question # 6:How do you determine the price you will offer for my house? Answer # 6 : We do our own market analysis. We have a system set up just for that.   Question # 7 :Do you charge a fee to make an offer for my house? Answer # 7 : No we don’t charge any fee.   Question # 8 : How long does it take for  bluelandproperties,LLC  to make an offer? Answer # 8 : As soon as you contact us and provide us with the necessary information, we do our homework and get back to you within 24hours or less   Question # 9:Do I need to bring in my Realtor® to help Me up? Answer # 9 : You can bring anyone you want.But be advised that you will have to pay him commission unless he wants to work for free.   Question # 10:How does cash offer compare to with a price I might have through a Broker? Answer # 10:If you do apple to apple comparison, cash offer will be lower. However if you consider the number of days on the market, the repairs to get the home attractive for the market along with all the related holding cost until you find the perfect Buyer the traditional way will cost more of your $$$.   Question # 11:How do I know I’m having a fair offer on my house? Answer # 11 : We come to you with the comparables within one mile radius from your home. You will see for how much homes like yours were sold in the past 6 months.   Question # 12:What if after an offer, we agree on a price, later, I decide not to sell? Answer # 12 :Nothing will happen. The deal will stop right there. You keep your house , we keep our Money. We love pressure free transaction. We normally give the seller plenty of time to make a decision; up to 7 days   Question # 13 :Do I need to renovate my home? Answer # 13 :No. You don’t need to.   Question # 14 :What if there is no or very little equity on my house. Can you still buy it? Answer # 14: Of course. We come out with a plan that fit your needs. If your home do not have equity, we’ll negotiate a Short Sale with your Lender.   Question # 15 :What if my house as a negative equity. that mean I owe more than my house worth? Answer # 15: This fall into a Short Sale we just covered  in the last question   Question # 16 :What if I have late payments or Mortgage arrears? Answer # 16:This is the perfect Short Sale situation.   Question # 17 :What kind of properties do you buy? Answer # 17 : We buy all types of Residential properties. From Ugly to Luxury homes; from Condo to Multi Family Homes.   Question # 18 :How do I know your trustworthy Answer # 18: We do business with tomorrow in mine. We don’t take advantage on people in distress situation. We’re home owners our self. We do business where we live. We’ve been living in the Capital Area for  many years. People now us. This is a  Family doing business not an Individual that will disappear right after the settlement. Question # 19 :What areas do you cover? Answer # 19 :  MD( Montgomery, PG and Howard Counties); VA(Fairfax County) and the District of Columbia. Question # 20 :What do you do with all these houses you buy? Answer # 20: We resale them for profit to others Investors or to those Buyers who can not be qualified by standards Lenders to get a loan. We keep just a few in our inventory. Question # 21:  By the Way, what is Short Sale ? Answer # 21 : What is a short sale?  A short Sale is a sales transaction in which the seller’s mortgage lender agrees to accept a payoff of less than the balance due on the loan.   Still can’t find the Answer to your question in this section, contact us