Every Home Seller has a unique situation. We come up with the matching solution. To get the most out of your property, because our goal is to create a winning situation for both you and us, we offer a number of programs tailored to specific needs. After looking at your property, Blueland Properties® LLC will give you a quick response along with several options and we will normally be able to close in a short period of time. Our Home Buying Approach is what makes us different from others. When you contact us:

  1. We save your time by getting back to you with our best offer within 24 hours or less;

  2. We buy directly from you. No Realtor® involved, cutting off the middle man, to maximize your gain; We take care of all the paperwork;

  3. We take care of all the repairs. We buy your house As Is; you don’t have to do anything.

  4. We close all our transactions on time. The only delay could come from the title that needs to be cleared. Our typical transaction takes as little as 21 days to close.

Contact us today; we’ll be glad to search for a solution that works for you.

The following table is the breakdown of our buying Process; best case scenario

Our Buying Approach

Step 1 Home owner contacts us
Step 2 We get the property’s address
Step 3

We evaluate the property; if the figures make sense to us, we schedule a tour of the property. We sit down at the kitchen table and sign the contract setting the settlement date.

Step 4 We order a title search
Step 5 If the Title is cleaned and cleared, we prepare the  Funding
Step 6

We meet at the settlement table. Home owner signs the paperwork and gets his/her money. We win for taking on us all the hassle, but getting a good deal; the Home owner wins for getting the most of his house and living behind him all the hassle.


Old Buying Method VS Our Buying Approach

Old Buying Method Our Buying Approach
1 Spend thousands of $$$ to fix up We Buy your home As is

Hire a Realtor®  to sell your home and pay Broker Commission

We cut off the Middleman to save your money

Wait for Months even year to get a qualified Buyer and still not sell, keeping paying Mortgage.

We’re Qualified Buyer with our own Money. We’re not begging for Money to anyone


Schedule time for strangers to come to your house, for Months, even a year.

We’re hassle free. We come to you only if you need us
5 Be told that to get your home sold, you need a price reduction.

We make the right shot. One time offer, that gives  you the most of your home’s value

6 Be told to pay all the closing fees to the Buyer We pay all our closing fees, to maximize your savings

Be told that prices are going down in your neighborhood to have you accept any offer

We don’t pressure, we show you the real picture of what we’re doing.

If the steps above sound OK to you and would like us to contact you, go to the HOME SELLER PAGE, fill out the Home Seller’s quick Application. One of our staff member will get back to you ASAP. We’ll honor your privacy. Or Call us at: 301-328-9079